"Finally, a Simple, Safe, 100% Natural Scientifically Proven Method For Lowering Blood Sugar from Home in 4 Months or Less Without Any Medications, Diets or Exercise – Guaranteed or It's Free!"

54 Year-Old North Carolina Nurse Discovers Little Known Diabetes Reversing Secret Known Since 1870 That Easily Lowers Blood Sugar, Makes You Drop Weight & Transforms Your Health in the Process

By Elisabeth Almekinder, RN, BA, CDE

Tuesday July 16, 2019

Dear Friend With Diabetes,

Are you sick and tired of pre or Type 2 diabetes robbing you of your independence . . . forcing you to watch everything you eat . . . and shackling you to a stressful lifestyle of daily drug regimes, finger pricks & test strips?

Then I have great news for you.

Give me the next 15 minutes of your time and I'll share with you how the an old French discovery from 1870 led me on a journey to discovering the secret to reversing diabetes & teaching it to hundreds of people in North Carolina. 

Hi, My name is Elisabeth Almekinder (you can call me Liz). 

I'm a 54 year old Registered Nurse, Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), & one of the writers here at The Diabetes Council (you've probably read my articles in the past).

I'm also a member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), the North Carolina Nurses Association, & currently teach diabetes courses every week in Atkinson, North Carolina.

And I'm Here to Tell You Everything You Thought You Knew About Diabetes & How to Control Your Blood Sugar Is Dead Wrong. . .

Stick with me & read this WHOLE page because in the next few minutes I'm going to show you the new diabetes protocol I developed based on hard, scientific proof & 26 years of working with patients.

This method is backed by over 120 scientific studies from some of the world’s top scientific journals including a major one carried out at the Thames Valley University in Brentford, England, and published in the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Journal. . .

Which proves beyond all doubt your high blood sugar can be lowered, and your type 2 diabetes can be completely reversed, 100% naturally, safely, & in less than 4 months. . .

Without any prescription meds. Without any painful or inconvenient insulin shots & without any boring or restrictive diets.

Now I know what you're thinking. . .

You think all this is too good to be true. That this will never work on you . . . I understand.

I would be thinking the exact same thing if I were in your shoes. Because what I’m about to share with you goes against everything you've ever been told about diabetes . . .


As Well As What I Was Taught As a Registered Nurse & Certified Diabetes Educator By the Official Medical System. . .

I know you're skeptical but listen carefully because I promise you this can be a reality for you very soon.

Because just as I can promise the sun will remain in the sky, so too can I promise this home based remedy will help you. . . Regardless if you're suffering from Type 2 or pre-diabetes or whether your blood sugar is just above normal or already off the charts. . .

It doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, 35 or 95 years-old, or if you've already tried every single diabetes diet, medication & treatment out there, or how long diabetes has run in your family.

I'm Offering You A REAL Chance to Reverse Your Diabetes And Return To Your Normal Life. . .

To no longer be shackled to blood sugar medications, finger pricks, and test strips. . . To live your life free of worry about diabetic comas, stressful doctor visits or complications like amputations, vision loss, or kidney disease. . . 

But don't take my word for it.

Keep reading because in a few minutes I'm going to introduce you to some of my formerly diabetic students from a small town called Burgaw in Pender County, North Carolina. 

You'll meet Bill Turner, Bernita Yardley, Jerry Davis & others. I'll even show you all their blood sugar charts before & after they started following my protocol – right on this page.

But First Allow Me To Tell You My Personal Diabetes Story & Why I Became Fed Up With the Corrupt Diabetes Treatment System. . .

The one that continues to tell you the lie that diabetes can only be “managed” by expensive medications & that there are no clinically proven natural ingredients shown to improve or reverse diabetes once and for all. . . 

You see, I grew up in a small town called Claremont in North Carolina with a tiny population of about 780 people. As a daughter of a country doctor, I learned of the pain of diabetes early on. . .

Often times my father would take me horseback riding with him through the snow to visit patients who couldn't leave their homes.

On one particular day, we saddled up our Tennessee walking horse and rode out to see a patient named Eva. My father told me she had diabetes and have developed a sore on her toe that wasn't healing, so he wanted to check on her and change her toe dressing.

He told me that if he didn't, she would get gangrene.

Being 11 years old, I didn't know what that was, but it didn't sound good. 

When we arrived at her house, my father began to remove her dressing. I remember the skin around her big toe was blackened and the sore on her toe looked white. You could barely see the pink underneath. 

I remember wondering why Eva's toe wouldn't heal. I got cuts on my toe all the time and they healed fine.

It was only 10 years later that I understood how Eva must have been feeling. . .

On the Surgery Floor of the Now Bulldozed Hospital in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina . . . Straight Out Of Nursing School . . . I Watched Non-healing Ulcers & Amputations Take Years Off My Patients Lives. . .

I watched their families suffer as their loved ones became aware of the devastation that was diabetes . . . and there was nothing I could do to help them.

Often times they expressed fear that the same thing that was happening to their relatives would one day happen to them. As a home health nurse in rural South Carolina, most of my home health patients had diabetes. Many were daily dressing changes on wounds that wouldn't heal & often progressed to amputation. 

When amputation was imminent, I would receive the patient from the hospital, order assistive devices for the home, bring in a physical therapist and a nurse, & begin the very long (and often expensive) rehabilitation process. 

It took the whole family to accomplish this, along with the home health staff, & was very disruptive to life in general (research has since shown the life expectancy of diabetics who undergo such a major surgery to be just 5 years). 

All  Doctors Did Was Write Prescriptions To "Manage" the Condition With Drugs, & This Was the Road Patients Were Forced Down Their Entire Lives

Which always resulted in the same thing. . .

Me watching helplessly as my patient's health got worse & worse no matter what I did.

The first thing they did was put the patient was on blood sugar regulating drugs. Immediately the side effects would kick in . . . weakness, muscle pains, stomach aches, heartburn. . . 

As the years went by, I would notice their energy levels, mood and general health rapidly decline.

They would put on weight, become overpowered with cravings for sugary and starchy foods, and became sluggish, obese, & depressed.

Eventually they'd get diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol & start to suffer from sharp, stabbing or burning pains in their legs and other parts of their body. They were told they had nerve damage (neuropathy) and were put on even more meds with more side effects. 

And so the medication merry-go-round continued. . .

Before long, the neuropathy pain would become so bad that they could hardly walk. And because they couldn't get out of their house on their own & do any exercise, their weight just piled on. . .

Until the Patient One Day Found Themselves On the Surgery Floor Of A Hospital Like the One I Worked At. . .

You see, the problem with diabetes meds is they don't "improve" your health because they were never designed to.

They were designed to “manage” your sickness and keep you stuck on the "medication merry-go-round" for the rest of your life. That’s how the Big Pharma controlled diabetes system works.

Even if you've got pre-diabetes, drugs like metformin only prevent your pre-diabetes from developing into full blown Type 2 in 31% of casesThat means if you're reading this and you have pre-diabetes, your chances of getting Type 2 & one day going through the scenes I witnessed while working as a hospital nurse are nearly 70%!

What's worse, new studies have proven diabetes drugs can actually INCREASE your chances of early death.

Listen up:

In 1999 the U.S. government funded a big 10,000 patient study (known as the the A.C.C.O.R.D. study) to determine if blood-sugar lowering drugs could protect patients from diabetes complications like heart disease (the #1 cause of death for people with diabetes).

Sounds simple right?

WRONG – they had to stop the study 18 months early because the drugs were KILLING too many people.

Yes, You Read That Right – Patients Given Blood-Sugar Lowering Drugs DIED MORE OFTEN

Usually due to heart problems. . .

Here's what head researcher Dr. Hertzel Gerstein, wrote at the conclusion of this study in the New England Journal of Medicine on June 12, 2008:

"The use of intensive therapy to target normal [blood sugar] levels for 3.5 years increased mortality [death rate] and did not significantly reduce major cardiovascular events. These findings identify a previously unrecognized harm of intensive glucose lowering in high-risk patients with type 2 diabetes."

Unfortunately this isn't new information. 

Back in 1969, the U.S. University Group Diabetes Program also ran a study where a large group of diabetes patients were given aggressive blood-sugar lowering drugs. . .

It too had to be stopped two years early. . . 

Because Giving Patients Aggressive Blood-Sugar Lowering Drugs Caused Them To Drop Dead 250% More Often

One such drug, Rezulin, was finally yanked after being linked to 400 deaths

The same thing happened in 2007 with Avandia after the New England Journal of Medicine published a study proving the drug increased your risk of getting a heart attack (resulting in over 13,000 lawsuits).

Some studies even show these meds cause you to GAIN MORE WEIGHT.

Here's a quote from one study, published by Dr. Shahrad Taheri in the Practical Diabetes journal on Dec 11, 2009:

“Unfortunately, the control of blood sugar glucose [through drugs] has proven to be unsustainable and escalation of treatments has exacerbated obesity in patients with diabetes, creating a vicious cycle.”

A "vicious cycle" of weight gain, higher blood sugar, & a higher risk of complications such as kidney failure, blindness, stroke, amputations. . .

Here's a quote from one study, published by Dr. Shahrad Taheri in the Practical Diabetes journal on Dec 11, 2009:

“Unfortunately, the control of blood sugar glucose [through drugs] has proven to be unsustainable and escalation of treatments has exacerbated obesity in patients with diabetes, creating a vicious cycle.”

A "vicious cycle" of weight gain, higher blood sugar, & a higher risk of complications such as kidney failure, blindness, stroke, amputations. . .

My Wake Up Call Happened In 2013 . . . When My Best Friend Since High School, Evelyn, Died Of Diabetes Complications At Age 49. . .

Evelyn's death devastated me beyond imagination.

Me, who had been a diabetes nurse for over 20 years at the time could do nothing but watch as she passed away.

I remember sitting in my husband's blue 2006 Honda Civic weeping into the steering wheel the night I got home from her funeral. I felt powerless & was struck with an immense feeling of guilt & shame. . .

Guilty that I failed to help her. Guilty that the diabetes medical system I had believed in failed her. 

That's When I Realized I Knew Absolutely Nothing About How To Help People With Diabetes Recover. . .

All I had been doing until that point was "managing" the disease.

I felt stupid and angry at myself for believing the doctors & the mainstream medical system that had brainwashed me that Big Pharma's meds were the only way to help my patients & my friend.

That was when I made a promise to myself. . .

I was going to do everything in my power to figure out how to reverse this disease & put the information out there so others could benefit from it, no matter what it took.

There Was No Way I Was Gonna Continue Telling Patients To Do the Same Things That Ended Up Killing Evelyn & I Knew I Wouldn't Be Able to Cope With Her Death Otherwise. . .

That night I sat on my bed, powered up my laptop & began my quest.

I started with natural ways to lower blood sugar.

For the next 3 months I scoured websites, visited University libraries & read through hundreds of musty old medical texts and journals. I chased down professors, endocrinologists, cardiologists, & even a few naturopaths & Chinese herb doctors for help.

But I found nothing new. . .

Just the same old advice of eat more vegetables, exercise, eat less sugar and processed carbs, and take your meds . . . advice that Evelyn & I had heard a million times before. . .

I knew there must be a solution out there but I just couldn't find it. I was close to giving up . . . until . . .

Using My Laptop One Night, I Stumbled On To An Old Diabetes Book From 1875 Written By a Physician Named Apollinaire Bouchardet. . .

The book was called "De la Glycosurie ou Diabète sucré, son traitement hygiénique avec notes," which is French for "Glycosuria or Diabetes Mellitus, its Hygienic Treatment With Notes." 

I'd never heard of him, but it turns out Apollinaire Bouchardat is regarded as the "Founder of Modern Diabetology."

He created the first known diets for the management of diabetes & was the first person to discover that there were 2 types of diabetes (Type 1 & Type 2). 

And. . .

He also discovered how a few simple diet changes forced upon patients by a 4-month food shortage during the siege of Paris in 1870 (from Napoleon). . . 

Reverses Type 2 diabetes!

Yes  . . . This Doctor Discovered How To Reverse Diabetes – In Dozens of Patients  51 Years Before the Discovery of Insulin!

To say I was shocked is an understatement.

Not only did I find hard proof that diabetes was reversible – but it was proven & documented 120 years ago! 

I remember thinking if it's been known that diabetes was reversible since 1870 – surely someone else must have stumbled on this data & done further studies. . .

And it turns out there was. . .

I Followed the Trail of Breadcrumbs I Picked Up From Bouchardat's Work . . . And That's When I Hit the Jackpot. . .

It took some time but eventually I had over 120 journal articles proving once and for all that Type 2 & pre-diabetes could be reversed . . . straight out of scientific studies performed at some of the world’s top medical institutions. . .

Yet never covered in any major newspaper.

I spent months going through them and documenting what I found. In the end I had assembled a 338 page manuscript of handwritten notes outlining all the diabetes reversing foods, vitamins, minerals and techniques I had learned from my research.

Here are a few quotes from some of the most remarkable studies I found:

"This is a radical change in understanding Type 2 diabetes. It will change how we can explain it to people newly diagnosed with the condition. While it has long been believed that someone with Type 2 diabetes will always have the disease, and that it will steadily get worse, we have shown that we can reverse the condition.”

-Dr Ray Taylor, professor at Newcastle University

"These results further challenge the perception that Type 2 diabetes needs to be a lifelong condition for everyone diagnosed with it.”

-Dr Elizabeth Robertson, Director of Research, Diabetes UK

"The study shows, contrary to common belief, that Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome can be reversed . . . The results are all the more interesting because the changes occurred in the absence of major weight loss, challenging the commonly held belief that individuals must normalize their weight before achieving health benefits.” [Participants did lose two to three pounds per week, but they were still obese after the 3-week study.]

-Dr Christian Roberts, University of California, Los Angeles.

"A1C levels dropped 1.23 points; the same amount as with the most prescribed diabetes drug: Metformin”

-Department of Medicine, George Washington University School of Medicine

"Complete relief of the [neuropathy] pain occurred in 17 of the 21 patients in 4 to 16 days . . . Weight loss averaged 4-9 ± 2-6 kg during the 25 days. By the 14th day, the fasting blood glucose level averaged 35% lower . . . and the insulin needs had dropped in half the patients.”

-Dr Milton G. Crane - Loma Linda University, California

"We have had many patients coming to us who were injecting high doses of insulin, as many as 200 units daily, who have managed to quit insulin and come off medications for blood pressure and other conditions.

-Dr Fedon Lindberg, Oslo University, Norway

Next I Took My 338 Page Manuscript & Compiled It Into a Simple 10 Week Protocol. . .

Now I knew the protocol worked for the people in the studies, but would it work for everyone?

I had to know for sure. So I came up with a plan. . .

I wanted to know if these methods would work on the most severe cases of Type 2 diabetes, but since I didn't have a lot of money & didn't work at a big university, I couldn't suddenly get funding to do an expensive clinical trial. 

So I did the next best thing. . .

And Became a Certified Diabetes Educator!

It was a bit tough (I had to prove I had already done over 1,000 hours of diabetes education) but with all I had learned, I passed the test on my first try and got my CDE certification.

With my certification in hand, I was free to start gathering students, & on Aug 19, 2014, I taught my first diabetes education class near the Mission Baptist Church on South Walker St. in Burgaw, North Carolina. 

I had 16 students, each of who had either Type 2 or pre-diabetes, were overweight & had been unable to lose weight no matter what they ate or how much they exercised. . .

And were suffering from the classic diabetes symptoms. . . 

Finally, I Had a Group Of People Suffering From Varying Degrees of Type 2 Diabetes Who Could Test My Protocol. . .

Each course ran for a little over 2 months, with 10 weekly 1 hour sessions.

But even though I only had 10 hours to spend with each group of students . . . the results were far more incredible than I could ever have imagined. . .

Almost without exception, and within a maximum of 4 months, every student who followed my protocol experienced a dramatic improvement in his or her blood sugar levels.

Even better, the average weight loss was 22 pounds!

Here Are Some of Their Stories. . .

Bill Turner, a 44-year-old computer technician from North Carolina enrolled in my class on August 28, 2016, shortly after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. 

Weighting at 327 pounds, Bill was nervous, overwhelmed, & didn't know where to start. He kept saying over and over, “I need to lose at least 130 pounds.” 

His A1C was 11.6% and his average blood sugar was nearly off the chart at 280 mg/dl

To make matters worse, Bill traveled for a living working for various companies, so he wasn't always able to prepare his own meals at home.

Bill Went Through My 10-Hour Diabetes Program From Late August to Early November 2016 . . . And By December 23rd That Same Year, His A1C Was Reverted Back to a "NO-DIABETES" State of 5.2%

Bill's Type 2 diabetes was gone, even though he had only dropped 19 pounds of fat since being diagnosed.

He continued to follow my program, and by April 21st of the following year, his weight was down 43.9 pounds and was continuing to drop.

Shocking isn't it?

This data isn't fake or exaggerated.

Bill is just one of over a hundred former diabetics who've gone though my program in North Carolina.

Bernita Yardley, a 55 year-old, short, stout, black woman from the South had just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when she came to me. 

Her last trip to the doctor as not what she expected. Her A1C was up above 11% & her cholesterol, triglycerides, & bad fats were all out of range. Her doctor suggested she come see me.

 When I First Talked With Bernita Over the Phone, She Was Skeptical & Hesitant . . .

I could tell she might not keep her appointments (it’s a feeling you get after years of doing this). I was able to schedule her to an initial assessment, but as expected, she didn't show up.

Two weeks later I called her again and asked how she was doing. We talked for a while and she told me she was so fatigued from her high blood sugar she was having a hard time managing her grandchildren.

She wanted to feel better so she could take care of them. I had found what motivated Bernita.

“I hear you saying that you want to feel better so that you can better help take care of your grandchildren,” I said.

“I can help you to achieve that goal. Are you ready to set a date to come in for your first visit?" I asked.

“Ummm,” paused Bernita. “I guess so. How about Monday morning?” 

From then on, Bernita came to classes. She started slow, making just one small dietary change each week. . .

 Yet In Less Than 90 Days of Following My Protocol,  Her Average Blood Sugar Had Dropped 49.1% 

Her Type 2 diabetes was gone and her energy was back.

Her doctor was so amazed he now refers all his diabetics to my program.

And that's not all. . .

Jerry Davis, a 39 year-old remote IT technician, successfully used my protocol to lose 108 pounds & heal the pain in his legs. 

Listen to what he said:

I’ve been overweight or obese for as long as I can rememberNow that I’ve dropped weight, it’s easier to move around, and everyday activity becomes enjoyable. I plan to walk my first 5k in the spring. I’ve been deemed a role model by my wife and others since I’m losing so much weight.”

Alma Reed, an 83 year-old woman from North Carolina, used my protocol to drop 20 pounds and reverse her type 2 diabetes back to a state of pre-diabetes & successfully keep it there for the last 4 years. 

 How Did My Students Reverse Their Diabetes & Save Themselves From A Lifetime of Horrible Complications You Ask?

Did they go on a liquid diet of 600 calories?

Did they starve themselves nearly to death? Did they drive 40 minutes to the nearest gym every night and pump iron or torture themselves on a treadmill for 3 hours? 

NO! They did none of these things! 

My students are not unique or special in any way. They are just regular people who said no to the medication merry-go-round & instead followed a simple system that has been proven to work.

Yet they were able to reverse their diabetes without restricting their diet . . . without buying any expensive supplements . . . without a single second of torturous exercise . . . or special equipment . . . or taking a pill . . . or stabbing themselves with an insulin needle.


All They Did Was Follow A Simple & Easy Plan – A 100% Safe & Natural Way Of Eating – Using Inexpensive & Easy To Find Ingredients Picked Up At Their Local Supermarket. . . 

This protocol works.

But before I reveal exactly how it works & how you can start using it to reverse your Type 2 diabetes, I need you to understand that all this is extremely personal to me.

Seeing my best friend since high school die because of diabetes had a large impact on me & I've since dedicated my life to ensuring nobody else has to suffer from this disease any longer than they have to.

According to the World Health Organization, there are currently over 422 million people with diabetes worldwide, but because nothing is being done to reverse it, that number is expected to rise to 642 million in the next 20 years.

Diabetes will soon effect 1 in every 3 Americans, and the consequences are frightening. 

According to a UK study called the The National Diabetes Audit, people with diabetes have a 65% higher chance of getting heart disease, are 144% more at risk of needing dialysis or a kidney transplant, 210% more likely to have an leg amputated, 331% more likely to lose a part of their foot, & 25% more at risk of suffering from a stroke.

Even Alzheimer's disease is now linked to Type 2 diabetes (and according to the Mayo Clinic, dementia too).

This Isn't Some "Band-Aid" Solution that Focuses On Symptoms

We're going to hit your diabetes where it hurts – at its root.

And because I designed my protocol to remove all of the hard work from your daily meal planning, you'll finally be able to free yourself form the clutches of diabetes & transform your waistline once and for all.

With no medications, exercises or dieting. . .

After Spending 5 Years Teaching Students How to Reverse Diabetes In Burgaw, North Carolina, I Decided To Go International. . .

I don't really like travel or leaving my home in North Carolina for too long, and I don't see myself as the type who can go on stage and lecture hundreds of people at a time either.

But I wanted to do something to reach the millions of diabetics around the world.

I love teaching my diabetes classes, but the population here is small and I can only help so many per year if I just stick to those in Burgaw.

So. . .

In December 2018, I Dug Up My Old 388 Page Manuscript Along With All My Lesson Plans & Turned Them Into A Simple Protocol Anyone Can Follow From the Comfort Of Their Home. . .

I've called it, the No-Diet Diabetes Remedy . . .

Why did I call it the No-Diet Diabetes Remedy you ask? Because once you start following this program you'll be eating all day long, enjoying 3 full meals & 3 snacks daily.

This program is designed for anyone who struggles with Type 2 or pre-diabetes symptoms, especially those over 40. It's so easy to follow a child could do it. . . Yet it can do something no meds on the planet ever could. . .

To Make You Diabetes Free Forever. . .

he No-Diet Diabetes Remedy you

What exactly will you get in the No-Diet Diabetes Remedy you ask?

You'll get your hands on. . .

"The Plate Method" (this was one of the main things Bill Turned used to reverse his Type 2 diabetes & drop 43.9 pounds & yes it does involve doing something with your plates).

Sick of feeling tired all the time? My "Rule of 15" makes your low blood sugar crashes a thing of the past (pay special attention to this one).

The "Blood Sugar Buster Gadget" most diabetics have never used yet is CRUCIAL for a fast recovery. (Hint: it's small, cheap & has absolutely nothing to do with testing your blood sugar).

The "Poly-Pill Maximizer" – the only thing in the world that targets diabetes at its root by decreasing insulin resistance & increasing insulin sensitivity (it's NOT a pill).

5 diabetes smartphone apps I recommend all my students (they're great for getting rid of food confusion & tracking your results, plus 4 of them are FREE).

How to lower neuropathy pain by shopping for shoes at night (it sounds weird but it works). Find out why.

Sick of bland diets? These 39 food substitutions of all your "cheat foods" will make you gape at how much you've been missing.

Say goodbye to not being able to eat out with your friends and family. Use my "Cheat Recovery Technique" during & after your eating so you can enjoy your meal without worry about it.

Next I'll introduce you to the "Fist Technique" I teach my students to use INSTEAD of counting calories (perfect for busy lifestyles).

Important: you'll also get my secret list of 10 guilt-free breads, cookies, & desserts you can munch on all day & STILL lose weight and reverse your diabetes almost effortlessly in 4 months or less.

Next you'll get my Diabetes Crushing Grocery Guide – everything you need to know about nutrition labels, the difference between "total sugars" & "total carbohydrates" (they're NOT the same), plus 9 pre-made shopping lists you can  just follow. . .

For pre-diabetics: 3 easy things you can do RIGHT NOW that are scientifically proven to cut your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by over 70% no matter what (even if diabetes runs in your family.

Next I'll show you how to easily make a delicious sugar free drink that quickly & easily replaces your cravings for soda or sugary drinks (great for people who can't stand the taste of water). I guarantee you've never had this before. . .

The ONE zero calorie sweetener you should be using (use any other and it'll sabotage your results and make you pack on the pounds while making your diabetes worse).

The SINGLE rule to follow concerning fats & oils (do this & you'll melt fat like butter in a microwave).

And So Much More. . .

Just imagine . . .

How it would feel to watch your blood sugar fall day by day . . . until you doctor tells you that you can stop taking your medications. Imagine the feeling you'll have once the weight starts falling off & you can fit into the jeans you haven't worn in years. . .

Imagine no more daily blood sugar readings or test strips.

No more having to prick your finger. No more hospital visits. No more thoughts of food consuming up your time or having to deprive yourself of your favorite dishes.

Imaging knowing that with every bite you take, you're lowering your risk of heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, nerve damage and adding years (if not decades) to your life expectancy.

How Would It Feel To Never Worry About Being a Burden To Your Family & KNOW You'll Be Able To Spent Quality Time With Your Grandchildren & Watch Them Grow Up and Have Kids Of Their Own?

To wake up and not have to worry about insulin or whether you took your meds or what others think about the way you eat. . .

Instead you'll eat like a normal person & control your blood sugar naturally the way nature intended. 

Imagine spending your golden years relaxing on a beach with your spouse vs spending them in a hospital bed or in a nursing home.

Imagine How Much Money You'll Save On Medical Bills

Speaking of which, I'm sure by now you're wondering how much does the No-Diet Diabetes Remedy cost?

And before I answer that I want to remind you that you shouldn't be thinking of this as a "cost" at all. The No-Diet Diabetes Remedy is an investment in your health. Remember, we're talking about reversing your diabetes and transforming every aspect of your health.

With that being said, let's talk about how much diabetes is costing you now.

According to the American Diabetes Association’s 2017 figures, the average medical costs for a person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is $16,752 a year.

Of which $9,601 is directly due to diabetes. 

In other words. . .

The Average Person With Type 2 Diabetes Will Spend An Average of $288,030 Over the Rest Of Their Life – Just On Drugs & Treatment

Yes, $288,030 just to "manage" your diabetes. Not reverse it.

Do you think your insurance will cover all that? Mine won't.

Chances are diabetes is currently costing your at least $4,000 a year whether it's through ever increasing insurance premiums, medical taxes, testing equipment, supplements, or other bills.

Furthermore. . .

The cost of dialysis – which up to 40% of diabetics will need later in life once their kidneys fail – is $40,000!

Wouldn't Your Rather Spend All That Money On Your Family Or Things That Make Your Happy Vs Giving It Away To Big Pharma?

I know I would.

So tell me, how much would you part with to avoid a diabetes bill totaling $288,030

To never have to prick your finger again? To be able to eat like a normal person again? To reverse your diabetes just like my students do every month & be shocked when your doctor tells you you can come off your meds?


Imagine That For A Moment . . . Really Let Yourself Feel What Your Life Would Be Like . . . And Then Tell Me . . . How Much Would You Pay For A Chance to Reverse Your Diabetes?

$10,000? $5,000?

Whatever that number is in your head, forget it because the last thing I want is for money to be factor in your decision. I set out on this journey because of the guilt I felt losing my best friend to this dreaded disease. 

And although my students suggested I sell this course for at least $197, although it's already helped hundreds of former diabetics who would have happily payed twice that amount after seeing their blood sugar normalize, I'm not in this for the money.

I know what it feels like to watch someone you love lose their health & ultimately their life to this dreaded disease.

In fact, I spent nearly 30 years of my like doing just that & I’m SICK of it. I'm sick of seeing the fear, the pain, the helplessness & the torn apart families. 

So. . .

I'm Not Going to Ask For $197 . . . Or Even Half Of That . . . Or Even a Quarter

All I'm looking to do is cover my costs & have a little left over to help keep TheDiabetesCouncil running, so as many people can benefit from this as possible.

So, if you click the button below right now, you can grab the whole No-Diet Diabetes Remedy for just $37

That's it. A one-time fee of $37 and the No-Diet Diabetes Remedy is yours to keep forever. Do the right thing and push that button below. If not for yourself do it for your family.

Immediately after you will be redirected to my secure checkout page, which looks exactly like this:

Where you enter your basic information to claim your personal copy of my program.

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$37 is nothing.

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And remember, the average diabetic will spend $288,030 to treat the disease & its complications during their lifetime. I'm talking about heart disease, stokes, nerve damage, kidney failure, excessive weight gain, non-healing wounds and more. 

Diabetes lowers your life expectancy by 5 to 10 years.

Speak with an eye doctor and they'll tell you diabetes is also the leading cause of blindness in adults. In fact, studies show 80% of Type 2 diabetics show signs of retinopathy (damage to the eyes) within 15 years of having the disease.

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P.S. #1 I created this system because of the guilt I felt over losing my best friend & because I got tired of teaching my patients complex meal plans that always set them up for failure. I'd like to give you all of it – the meal plans, the shopping lists, the student interviews – for a single one-time payment of $37.

To prove to you it works, I've even giving you my 90-day, 100% risk-free no questions asked money back guarantee.

P.S. #2 No matter how harmless your current symptoms may be, NEVER treat pre or Type 2 diabetes as if it were a "minor inconvenience." This is the BIGGEST trap patients fall into & it almost always results in decades of never ending health complications and hospital visits down the road. Take action now, while you still can!

P.S. #3 I still teach diabetes classes several days a week in North Carolina, although these days it's at the Manos Unidas Health Center on 109 West Church Street in Atkinson. If you've ever in the area, shoot me an email.

The No-Diet Diabetes Remedy Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this really work on me?

Yes, absolutely. Every diabetic who applies this information will see results. Sure, results can vary across individuals. But as you've seen throughout this page, this method is scientifically proven to work in even the worst cases. Even if you're 327 pounds like Bill Turner was or 83 years old and have had diabetes for 20 years like Alma Reed, you can still turn your health around. I've been watching this system work on my students in North Carolina for the last 5 years, so why would it not work for you too?

Q: Will I get my money back if it doesn't work?

Of course. I know you're skeptical. That's why the No-Diet Diabetes Remedy comes with a 90 day 100% risk-free money-back guarantee. That means if you don't see a dramatic reduction in your blood sugar levels that you're hoping for during that time along with a noticeable improvement in your overall health . . . or are otherwise dissatisfied with it for any reason (or no reason at all) . . . just email me at & I'll make sure you get a full and prompt refund. There will be no questions asked, no hidden clauses, and no hoops to jump through. You have absolutely nothing to lose, so you may as well give it a try, right?

Q: How soon will I see results?

In my experience, students who've just been diagnosed will likely see results almost immediately, while those who've had diabetes for a while usually experience gradual results over a period of weeks (although the exact time frame will depend on your current health & a few other factors). I've been teaching this for 5 years & can tell you with 100% confidence that everyone sees results within the first month, so just follow the guide!

Q: Do I have to eat a boring or restrictive diet for this program to work?

Not at all! None of my students ever had to go on a restrictive or bland diet. In fact, once you start following this program you'll be eating all day long, enjoying 3 full meals and 3 snacks daily. I'll even teach you why counting calories is completely unnecessary & how you can lose weight without counting anything!

Q: Will my details be secure?

Yes, of course. The ordering system I've set up with the help of uses state-of-the-art encryption software. Everything is 100% secure so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Q: What happens when I click one of the Buy Now buttons on this page?

Once you click one of the Buy Now buttons on this page you're taken to a secure checkout page where you'll have plenty of time to make your final decision. All you have to do is enter your information and you're given instant access to my protocol so you can start using it immediately.

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